Basswood shutters are perfect for indoor use. This woodtype is very stable and easy to proces, in order to achieve a beautiful end result. There are multiple types and finishes are available for the basswood shutters. Because of that, the shutter will always fit perfectly in your interior. Whether this is a very modern house, a mansion, or even an office, restaurant or hotel. There is a perfect shutter for every situation.    Shutters are not only very suitable for standard windows, but also for shaped windows like round and raked. Windows that tilt and turn inward, sky lights, sliding windows and so on. There is always a shutter available for your windows.


  • 18 Standard colours
  • RAL & NCS colours
  • Blade sizes: 47mm, 63mm, 89mm, 114mm
  • Plantation or clear view
  • 4 Types of stiles
  • 10 Standard frames
  • Standard or built-in hinges
  • 5 Year warranty